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When we talk about Energy Management, we think of two aspects: quantitative and cost. The quantitative aspect requires the compilation of several important parameters, such as the quality of the energy supplied, the continuity of the supply, weather conditions, and energy demand. All of these parameters must be subjected to a thorough analysis, which not only includes consumption but also anomalies or energy consumption by all building systems. The cost aspect is definitely simpler. Media prices are regulated in tariffs, and all work dedicated to this aspect boils down to analysing offers and making the best business decision.

Energy Management allows for optimal energy use, reduces costs, and improves energy efficiency. It is important not only from a financial savings perspective but also from a sustainable development and environmental protection perspective. There are currently many tools and technologies that enable intelligent energy management, such as energy consumption monitoring and management systems, intelligent lighting systems, and solutions based on renewable energy.

Do you use Energy Management tools?

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Today, we will take a closer look at facility inspections known as Plan Preventive Maintenance (PPM). The necessity of conducting inspections may cause some trouble, but is it really the case?

Devices that make up the technical infrastructure of a property become a component of PPM. So what is important in building PPM plans?

• technical requirements of devices and installations according to DTR • legal regulations specified in laws • warranty obligations • customer requirements • property owner requirements.

What areas does PPM cover?

👉 Installations and devices powering the building with electrical energy,

👉 HVAC installations and devices,

👉 Sanitary installations and devices,

👉 Fire protection installations,

👉 Telecommunications installations,

👉 Other mechanical and sanitary installations,

👉 Audio-video installations,

👉 Installations and devices subject to technical supervision,

👉 Building inspections,

👉 Common area and shared space inspections.

In summary: Proper PPM implementation is a process that requires attention and care. Implementing a PPM plan ensures the safety of the property and provides information and knowledge about the current state of the property, services and maintenance costs.

And how do you implement PPM plans?

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The energy efficiency audit enables Building Managers / Building Owners to know the current consumption of all key energy carriers in the building. As a result of the audit, the interested parties receive indications allowing for the necessary optimization of the processes and infrastructure of the facility, as a result of which they will obtain the most effective way of using energy.

From our experience, we know that the most significant improvements affecting the optimization of the use of energy carriers relate to the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system. The introduction of modern solutions in the ventilation system and air-conditioning system has an impact not only on the comfort of people staying in the facility, but above all on the energy efficiency of the facility itself, and thus on reducing the consumption of energy carriers. The introduction of the solutions indicated in the report allows for a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Being part of the RIVA FINANCE Capital Group, we have the privilege and pleasure to cooperate with professionals in this field. BPRW ADVISOR helps us prepare energy audits.

We invite everyone interested to cooperate.

You can trust us 👍.

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Every person managing a building knows what Building Management System in short (BMS) and how important it is in ongoing service. Currently, the BMS system is gaining more importance, due to the important role it plays in the integration of building data, in particular regarding utility consumption. Data is used for optimization and becomes an important decision-making factor. Awareness of a well-functioning BMS system supporting management activities gives us the certainty of having almost constant control of media consumption, increasing the energy efficiency of the building, and, consequently, care for the natural environment.

So let’s ask ourselves – How often should we change system parameters to maximize savings?