About us

We are part of the RIVA FINANCE Capital Group, a rapidly growing partner from the Facility Management services sector. We actively work for our clients, providing help and advice to overcome the problems of maintaining the facility technical infrastructure and adapting the building infrastructure to individual needs and sustainable development.

RIVA FACILITY MANAGEMENT is not only the management of technical functions and services, but most of all the provision of services related to sustainable development in the field of modern building infrastructure management. The effective accumulation of capital, knowledge, experience and problem solving methods allows us to extend the services offered so far with new economic solutions for real estate, and meeting these requirements allows our clients to choose RIVA FM to jointly and effectively manage the entrusted real estate.

We provide the multi-discipline solutions dedicated to office buildings, large-format, industrial and public facilities. Depending on the needs, requirements and scope, the services are provided only by companies from the RIVA Capital Group and its business partners. A team of qualified RIVA Group experts will provide you with professional and committed support.

The services offered by the RIVA Facility Management are comprehensive and specialized. We provide maintenance of facility installations such as air conditioning, sanitary, ventilation, fire, electric, photovoltaic, low-current and building automation installations. As part of the service, we carry out works related to the maintenance of external areas, we care for maintaining order and cleanliness in the buildings and we also take care of the vegetation.