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When we talk about Energy Management, we think of two aspects: quantitative and cost. The quantitative aspect requires the compilation of several important parameters, such as the quality of the energy supplied, the continuity of the supply, weather conditions, and energy demand. All of these parameters must be subjected to a thorough analysis, which not only includes consumption but also anomalies or energy consumption by all building systems. The cost aspect is definitely simpler. Media prices are regulated in tariffs, and all work dedicated to this aspect boils down to analysing offers and making the best business decision.

Energy Management allows for optimal energy use, reduces costs, and improves energy efficiency. It is important not only from a financial savings perspective but also from a sustainable development and environmental protection perspective. There are currently many tools and technologies that enable intelligent energy management, such as energy consumption monitoring and management systems, intelligent lighting systems, and solutions based on renewable energy.

Do you use Energy Management tools?